One of the forms of cooperation with Boryszew Green Energy&Gas is the possibility of repurchasing electricity produced through RES installations. Our team supports the development of green industry in Poland, which needs significant volumes of emission-free energy. Are you a RES developer or investor? Start cooperating with Boryszew Group now.

The price of RES energy is one of the main factors that persuade businesses to reach for energy produced by the latest technologies. These include solar and wind power, but also biogas plants, biomethane plants and hydropower. The goal of the Boryszew Group, to which Boryszew Green Energy&Gas belongs, is to support Polish business in decarbonizing operations and strengthening competitiveness on the market in Poland and abroad. To meet international standards and maintain a leading position in Europe, businesses are choosing to join the global trend of economic transformation.

Repurchase of RES electricity – cooperate with Boryszew Group

Repurchase of energy from RES by Boryszew Group is one of the forms of cooperation with the RES market in Poland. We create for our customers the best selected offers for the sale of emission-free energy, among which are the largest players in the industry, but not only.

We address our energy repurchase offer primarily to owners of photovoltaic, wind and other RES installations. It is enough that you have a RES installation – we provide a comprehensive contract service. Most importantly, we provide flexible cooperation models, individually tailored to each owner of a RES installation.

Our team is made up of the most experienced professionals who know very well the importance of trust in Polish investors, but also the benefits for RES owners. We provide the most favorable offer for the repurchase of energy from RES, regulating payments in accordance with the set deadlines. We focus on transparent setlements and long-term contracts.

If you want to cooperate with a professional and trusted partner, support the decarbonization of Polish entrepreneurs and their competitiveness – contact Boryszew Group team.