Electricity sellers to companies are increasingly turning to sustainable energy sources, among which wind and photovoltaic energy are the most common in Poland. Boryszew Green Energy & Gas provides a unique offer taking into account the sale of energy from RES, guaranteeing savings of several dozen percent per year.

Boryszew Green Energy & Gas, part of the largest industrial Boryszew Group, is a trusted supplier of gaseous fuel and electricity, operating on the energy market for more than 10 years. It coordinates the energy policy of more than 15 Boryszew Group plants in Poland, but not only. For many years it has been offering energy sales to companies throughout Poland, supporting their development and efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of their operations.

The goal of our Team is to strengthen the competitiveness of Polish companies and industry by providing access to cheap and sustainable electricity. Today, companies in Poland are focusing on optimizing their operating costs, which provides a competitive advantage in international markets.

Energy for the company – a unique offer

Over the years, the Boryszew Green Energy & Gas team has managed to improve the offer, providing, among other things, a reduction of 30% or more in the cost of energy utilities y/y for our customers. This is a unique offer compared to our competitors in Poland.

What’s more, the sale of electricity to companies is carried out in a flexible model, adapted to our customer’s energy needs. In addition, we offer security of energy and gas fuel supply.

We focus on stable and partner relationships with customers. We know very well, as an industry group, how important it is to have access to cheap, stable and sustainable energy. This potential is constantly growing, bearing in mind that the installed capacity of all RES sources in Poland is about 27 GW (as of October 2023). Sales of energy from RES carried out by Boryszew Green Energy & Gas are based on such technologies as wind power, photovoltaic, hydroelectric, as well as biomass and biogas installations.

Boryszew Green Energy & Gas carries out licensed operations (Skawina area: DPG,OPG, DEE, OEE and Sochaczew area: DEE, OEE). Detailed information can be found on the OSD website.

Energy from RES – benefits for business

A business that uses renewable energy contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and lowering its carbon footprint. Social responsibility and environmental care are becoming increasingly important elements of a company’s reputation.

Investments in RES can translate into significant financial savings in the long term, which positively affects their financial balance sheet.

Companies using RES gain greater energy independence. RES allow them to generate their own energy locally, which can minimize the risks associated with fossil fuel price fluctuations. Access to energy from RES can also be secured with the help of PPAs .

Companies engaging in RES otien rely on innovative technological solutions. Using modern RES technologies can increase a company’s competitiveness, especially in sectors where sustainable practices are increasingly valued.