Green and sustainable industrial production and own energy generation

are our future, which we are boldly facing


Green production is currently a megatrend in the industrial market. Green steel, green aluminium and green chemistry will become a must in the coming years. We are working on a strategy to make our enterprises green while offering our experience to clients outside our industrial group.


We have been a reliable supplier of electricity and gas in the industrial sector for 10 years. We supply energy to the largest Polish plants.

We establish stable relations with our clients in which they are treated like partners. Personalized products, tailored to the individual needs of the clients, demonstrate our flexibility and readiness to respond to their requirements. This approach fosters mutual trust and loyalty.

We improve our offer all the time which is particularly important because the energy industry is evolving and requires innovative solutions. We always treat our clients like partners: we devise purchasing strategies together in order to optimize prices and reduce the risk of their volatility.



At a time of high price volatility on the energy market, it is necessary to react to the current situation with attention and care. The existing strategies should be modified and optimal solutions sought. Regular analysis and communication with the clients as well as flexible purchasing strategies allow us to maintain excellent quality of our services.


Together with our clients, we devise safe purchasing strategies in order to generate savings. The measures that we take have saved our clients on average more than 30% of energy and gas purchase costs since early 2023,.


We strive to ensure that our production is based on 100% renewable energy. We are pioneers in the green industry and offer our clients clean, green electricity.


The security and guarantee of supplies is fundamentally important in times of high price volatility on the market. This sets us apart from the competition.


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