Sustainable agriculture demands solutions that maintain crop productivity while preserving the environment.

A Swedish company called NitroCapt AB has developed a process that bonds nitrogen from the air, and the SUNIFIX process itself can be powered by renewable energy. This method utilizes nitrogen and oxygen from the air for oxidation and water to produce nitric acid, without the need for natural gas or hydrogen. This approach effectively reduces the carbon footprint by 100%. The resulting nitric acid can be used directly in the chemical industry or converted into nitrate salts for use as fertilizer.

Furthermore, nitrate fertilizers can be manufactured in modular factories, contributing to local capacity building.

These breakthrough projects, currently in their early stages, have the potential to yield revolutionary results.

But when exploring new business models, it is crucial to consider whether it is feasible to produce products that customers will purchase. People are more likely to buy a “green” product not just for its environmental benefits but also if it is better, more affordable, or healthier for them. NitroCapt AB has a clear path to achieve this outstanding goal!