The selling price of photovoltaic electricity is increasingly competitive compared to other technologies, which makes business and industry interested in buying it. Solar energy provides large volumes of energy during the energy season for our customers. Selling photovoltaic energy is one of the specialties of Boryszew Green Energy&Gas. Check out the benefits we can provide for your business.

Currently, the potential of photovoltaics in Poland reaches about 16 GW, while it is estimated that Poland will reach about 28 GW by 2030. During the generation season, photovoltaics provide an abundance of cheap energy that lowers energy bills. The solar power market in Poland is mature enough to penetrate the business and industrial environment. Photovoltaic modules can increasingly be seen on the roofs of various plants. Nowadays, business is reaching for photovoltaics to reduce electricity prices, which translates directly into cheaper products and services, and in the long run – the competitiveness of the entity in the market in Poland and abroad.


How can you provide photovoltaic energy for a plant? There are many options available on the market. If a company has a large property or has available roof space, it can bet on investing in its own photovoltaic installation. Then it can make full use of cheap energy for its own use. Of course, the sale of photovoltaic energy by the company is also possible – then the company should become a prosumer. This means that the entity consumes the energy produced by the photovoltaic modules it has installed on an ongoing basis, while it can sell the surplus on the market.

Another option is the Power Purchase Agreement, a bilateral contract for the sale of photovoltaic electricity. Implementation of the contract can take place in a physical way, i.e. an installation is built near the plant by the developer, which is connected to the plant via a direct line. This possibility appeared in 2023 legal provisions. There is also the option of purchasing virtual energy under the cPPA. In this way, our customers secure a steady supply of low-cost business energy for many years (up to 15 years).

Photovoltaic energy sales – price

Penetration of photovoltaic energy in the power system or consumed directly by an industrial plant translates directly into lower electricity bills. According to calculations by Boryszew Green Energy&Gas experts, the lowest average price of photovoltaic energy in Poland was recorded in October 2023. – It amounted to PLN 339. In that month we could also count on a low price for wind energy, which amounted to PLN 356.95. At the same time, the average price on the Day-Ahead Market (DAM) was PLN 423.95.

The generation peak for photovoltaic technology is in April-September, and the range of months depends on the weather. Sometimes high production rates can be recorded as early as March and in October – as was the case this year.

How is the selling price of photovoltaic energy determined?

As we have already reported, a company can also become a prosumer, which was not possible for a long time in Poland. In the meantime, more than 1 million prosumers have appeared on the market among households, but there were no similar solutions for companies. Thanks to changes in RES regulations, a company just like a household can become a prosumer. It is important to remember that energy production and sales should not overshadow the main profile of the business. Then, as a prosumer, a company can invest in a photovoltaic installation of up to 50 kW. Surplus energy until 2022 could be sold through net-metering. In accordance with EU requirements, net-metering, which involves reselling energy at a value set at the target price from the DAM, has been in effect on the Polish market for some time.

The company can also invest in much larger photovoltaic installations, i.e. solar farms, which require considerable money. The cost of implementing a PV farm project has to be counted in hundreds of thousands or even millions of zlotys. Nevertheless, the market itself is changing dynamically. Then the investor can start, among other things, in RES auctions to support the investment, but the business most otien reaches for PPA contracts.

Selling photovoltaic energy to businesses – pros and cons

Investments in photovoltaics for companies not only bring tangible financial benefits, but are also part of the global drive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and sustainable development.

Companies that opt for this innovative form of energy generation not only enjoy economic benefits, but also build a positive public image, which can translate into long-term business success.

One of the key advantages of selling photovoltaic energy to companies is the ability to generate financial savings and stability in electricity costs. The installation of PV modules allows companies not only to produce their own energy, but also to sell the surplus to the power grid. This means reducing the cost of purchasing electricity from traditional suppliers. In addition, thanks to the constant production of energy from photovoltaics, companies can beter forecast and control their energy expenses, which increases financial stability.

Investing in photovoltaics contributes to the company’s positive image by demonstrating its commitment to responsible environmental action. The company becomes an active participant in the fight against climate change, which can contribute to gaining recognition among customers, business partners and the local community. Consumers are increasingly looking for companies that conduct their business with respect for the environment, making investments in photovoltaics an important part of a sustainable development strategy.

Many countries offer businesses a variety of financial incentives to support investment in renewable energy sources, including photovoltaics. Government subsidies, tax breaks and preferential loan terms make the cost of installing PV modules more accessible and atractive to companies. Thanks to these forms of support, investment in photovoltaics becomes a profitable decision both economically and strategically, enabling companies to effectively manage energy costs while enjoying environmental benefits. In this way, the industry in Poland can also be greened.

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