With the beginning of the New 2024, we have started cooperation with the Siedlce Power Company for the supply of gaseous fuel (nearly 600 GWh per year) and the repurchase of energy produced in cogeneration (more than 200 GWh). We are constantly developing cooperation with technology partners to provide customers with the most advantageous products and technologies that are in line with global trends and contribute to the effective and sustainable development of Polish companies.

Stable gas and energy prices are one of the key determinants of competitive industry development. Despite a sharp drop in temperatures below seasonal norms expected in the near future, European storage facilities are crowded at about 87%. As a result, they retain a large safety buffer and limit further potential increases in “blue fuel.” Our experts forecast that the trend of gas price increases will not be observed shortly.

Want to ensure stable and competitive gas and energy prices for your business?

Boryszew Green Energy & Gas is a trusted partner in the supply of gas fuel. We support the competitiveness of Polish businesses through cost optimization, while our priority is to ensure the security of supply and provide products tailored to the individual needs of our partners.

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Mikolaj Budzanowski
Boryszew Green Energy & Gas