Boryszew ENERGY team consists of a group of experts who work together to strengthen the competitiveness of Polish enterprises. Our experience, practice and passion are key to providing the highest quality services.

Mikołaj Budzanowski – Boryszew Energy, CEO

Tomasz Włosek – Head of the energy trading team

Łukasz Piątkowski – Boryszew Energy, CFO

Michał Hołubowicz – Head of natural gas trading team

Our strength lies in our team of enthusiasts with broad interests and extensive experience in the industry. By combining knowledge and experience with leadership in the field of energy and managerial staff with many years of practice, we provide solid foundations for effective operation.

We strive to combine knowledge and experience with youth and energy. This combination makes the group creative and flexible, ready to try innovative solutions and adapt to changing market conditions.

Focusing on clients, the staff, investors and climate protection is crucial for long-term success and positive change. The best proof of the quality of our work is client satisfaction.


Boryszew Energy is part of one of the largest industrial groups in Poland. We specialize in various sectors, such as the production of car components, steel products, processing of non-ferrous metals, waste disposal, battery recycling and industrial chemistry. We have 35 production plants.

Our experience in these fields provides an excellent stepping block to expand operations in the energy industry while the ability to provide the highest quality services in other industries entails numerous benefits in the energy sector which is crucial for sustainable development and combating climate change.

The energy industry is currently facing challenges such as the need to transform towards green energy sources and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Using our experience and resources may accelerate this process and contribute to the development of a more sustainable and green energy sector.

Our innovations and R&D especially in the energy sector may generate new ideas and solutions that will have a positive impact on it and increase the pace of change in the field of green energy technologies.


Address: Aleje Jerozolimskie 92, 00-807 Warsaw
Floor: 14
Phone number: (22) 658 65 68
Email: [email protected]
NIP: 837-000-06-34
Regon: 750010992
KRS: 0000063824

Sąd Rejonowy dla M. St. Warszawy, XII Wydział Gospodarczy KRS
Wysokość kapitału wpłaconego 240.000.000,00 PLN